Rheological characterization and extrusion of alumina based pastes for the preparation of tubular ceramic membrane supports
Yılmaz, Kenan, author.

Rheological characterization and extrusion of alumina based pastes for the preparation of tubular ceramic membrane supports

Yılmaz, Kenan, author.

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Yılmaz, Kenan, author.

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Membrane applications in the industry currentlyis dominated by polymeric membranes, however, in recent years the development of ceramic membranes gained significant attention because of their superior chemical/thermal stability and corrosion resistance. The separation capacities of ceramic membranes basically depend on the nature of the selective oxide layers formed on the inner surfaces of tubular ceramic supports. Ceramic tubular membrane supports were prepared from alumina pastes, with solid loadings as high as 55 vol. % and water was used as the major liquid phase. Boehmite along with hydroxypropyl cellulose ethers with different molecular weightswere used as binder materials. Glycerol was used as a lubricant in the paste formulations. Extrusion of alumina paste was conductedwith a ram extruder using capillary dies with a series of L/D ratios at different extrusion velocities and the data was analyzed by using Benbow and Bridgwater model. The rheological properties of various pastes were determined according to the 4 and 6-parameter models.The six parameter model was concluded to better represent the experimental data. The viscosities of the paste batches were also determined by using the model parameters o, 1, and exponent n. The pastes were determined to have a shear thinning behaviour Piston extruder was used for shaping of tubular ceramic supports and the pressure varied in the 20-90 bar range with paste composition and rheology. The tubular extruded supports were dried, debinded to burn out organic binders and sintered at 1525ºC for the formation of about 40% porous mechanically strong membrane supports.

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Ceramic materials.
Membranes (Technology).
Aluminum oxide.

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Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Material Science and Engineering.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Material Science and Engineering.
İzmir Institute of Technology:Material Science and Engineering--Thesis (Master).

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