Renewable natural gas production via sabatier reaction
Çamlık, Cansu, author.

Renewable natural gas production via sabatier reaction

Çamlık, Cansu, author.

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Çamlık, Cansu, author.

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This study attempts to understand the effect of support basicity on Sabatier reaction and improve the performance of Ni based catalysts by introducing calcium which is known for its basicity. In accordance with this purpose, Ni-Al2O3-CaO catalysts were synthesized with modified sol-gel method. Effect of Ni loading, calcination temperature and calcium content were investigated. Al2O3-CaO supports were synthesized at three ratios as follows; 70-30 wt.%, 40-60 wt.%, 10-90 wt.% wherein Ni/Al2O3 catalyst was used as reference catalyst. Based on thermodynamic analysis, reaction was conducted at 400oC and 1 atm with inlet composition of CO2/H2=1/4 and total volumetric flow rate of 100 ml/min. Reference catalyst calcined at 700oC was found to be inactive at used reaction conditions due to the presence of inactive NiAl2O4 phase. Increasing Ni loading from 1 wt.% to 10 wt.% increased both CO2 conversion and methane selectivity. Over the catalysts calcined at the temperature of 900oC, maximum methane yield was obtained over 10Ni-70Al-30Ca-900 as 8%. The influence of Ni loading was more pronounced for catalysts calcined at 700oC. In 10Ni-70Al-30Ca-700 catalyst, NiO particles were smaller than 5 nm. Therefore, it is conceivable that the alumina-calcium mixed oxide support could disperse higher loadings of Ni, which could result in higher CO2 conversion. Ca modification was found to have a prominent impact on both methane selectivity and yield. With 10Ni-10Al-90Ca-700, being best performing catalyst, CO2 conversion obtained as 76% and methane yield was 60%. The promotion of catalytic performance might arise from intensifying the CO2 chemisorption supported by XRD and TGA results.

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Natural gas.

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Şeker, Erol,

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Chemical Engineering.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Chemical Engineering.
İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering --Thesis (Master).

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