Molecular characterization of the GTF2A-1 antisense long non-coding RNA
Yarımçam, Murat Caner, author.

Molecular characterization of the GTF2A-1 antisense long non-coding RNA

Yarımçam, Murat Caner, author.

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Yarımçam, Murat Caner, author.

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One of the essential events in cell regulation and normal development of an organism is apoptosis. The dysregulation of apoptosis is associated with diseases such as cancer. Apoptosis induction can kill cancer cells without harming the individual. For this purpose, new methods are developed to fight the cancer cells. One of the novel approaches is based on long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). LncRNAs are differentially expressed in cancer cells and they regulate and interact essential pathways. The ones related to apoptosis are the targets. In this study, target lncRNA was determined based on RNA-Seq data. Then apoptosis was induced in HeLa cells with cisplatin and qRT-PCR was performed with isolated RNAs from the cells to validate the data with regard to upregulation of GTF2A-1 anti-sense lncRNA in apoptosis. Then GapmeR specific to target lncRNA was designed and transfected into HeLa cells in order to induce apoptosis. After induction of apoptosis, total RNA and protein were isolated from the cells. qRTPCR was performed to validate the RNA-Seq data. Western blotting was performed in order to characterize the target lncRNA by controlling its effects on different apoptosis pathways. Western blotting results are showing resemblance between GTF2A-1 antisense lncRNA silencing-induced apoptosis and cisplatin-induced apoptosis. The western blotting result of Cytochrome c is interesting because its amount is decreased in GTF2A- 1 anti-sense lncRNA silencing-induced apoptosis. The candidate, GTF2A-1 anti-sense lncRNA, is directly regulating the apoptosis in HeLa cells and in this study, some of the pathways that are regulated with this lncRNA were shown. Keywords: apoptosis, long non-coding RNA, GTF2A-1, anti-sense

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Non-coding RNA.

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Akgül, Bünyamin,

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Molecular Biology and Genetics.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Molecular Biology and Genetics.
İzmir Institute of Technology: Molecular Biology and Genetics--Thesis (Master).

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