The effects of spatial layout of healthcare facilities on staff communication
İleri, Nurcan, author.

The effects of spatial layout of healthcare facilities on staff communication

İleri, Nurcan, author.

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İleri, Nurcan, author.

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The space occupancy patterns of staff stand out as one of the basic function of spatial configurations that affects communication, behavior and teamwork in healthcare facilities. There is a strong relationship between staff communication, behavior and the occupancy of space in healthcare facilities, since space is considered as a primary factor to shape the modes of interaction involving occupants and care protocols. This study focuses on the space occupancy of nurses working in inpatient units (IU) as the primary form of data, and comparatively examines three different IUs with different spatial layouts, and contrasts and compares differences within. This research brings together different methods including on-site (observations, surveys, and interviews) and off-site (space syntax and statistical analysis) analytical techniques to understand the distinctive dimensions of space such as accessibility, visibility, and physical proximity. The findings of the study reveal the potential effects of different spatial layouts and space organizations to create different densities on circulation loads, which may in turn impact occupancy, accessibility, and visibility, and also communication within the unit. Although there are morphological differences between the three units, the findings suggest that particular key areas emerge to affect occupancy. There are particular zones -to attract dense circulation- observed in the units involving staff-related areas (nurse stations, nurse rooms, and medication preparation rooms) across the corridors in units. In addition to these particular staff-related areas, the different locations including break rooms and unit secretary workstations also emerged as locations where high levels of occupancy involving staff, patients, and visitors, was observed.

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Hospital buildings
Hospital architecture
Health facilities

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Kasalı, Altuğ,
Doğan, Fehmi,

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Architecture.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Architecture.
İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture.--Thesis (Master).

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