Call center as an epitome of communicative capitalism: Participatory Design as an empowering tool
Kaya, Rabia Gülbike, author.

Call center as an epitome of communicative capitalism: Participatory Design as an empowering tool

Kaya, Rabia Gülbike, author.

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Kaya, Rabia Gülbike, author.

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With the purpose of involving users in the design process, Participatory Design offers participants a democratic process in which participants can express themselves by using their experiences, and notice their problems and capabilities thanks to the methods applied in the process. This study investigates the potential of a Participatory Design process whereby employees of a call center in Manisa participate. Inbound call agents, who work in call centers which are shaped by Communicative Capitalism, do not have an impact on anything except for the customers they communicate with. Moreover, the fact that they do not have a say in their working environment, they are under constant surveillance and decision concerning them are made by others, shows that inbound call agents are in need of empowerment. This study explores the potential of Participatory Design as a tool for empowering participants rather than providing a design proposal. To this end, a Participatory Design process was conducted with the inbound call agents who need to be empowered. According to the findings obtained at the end of the study; the participants identified the problems they had at work and realized that they could find solutions to these problems by exchanging ideas with each other. At the end of the process, Participatory Design enabled participants to become aware of their capabilities and empowerments in the field they are experienced in. Keywords: Participation, participatory design, empowering, democratization at work, communicative capitalism, call center, call agent.

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Industrial design
Call centers.
Communication in design.

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Tunç Cox, Ayça,

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Industrial Design.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design.
İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design--Thesis (Master).

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