B92 based quantum key distribution with faint pulsed laser
Mutlu, Görkem, author.

B92 based quantum key distribution with faint pulsed laser

Mutlu, Görkem, author.

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Mutlu, Görkem, author.

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In quantum key distribution (QKD), photons are used to share the key between the transmitter and receiver, and in principle, single photon sources should be used to create a secure communication channel. Nowadays, attenuated laser sources are used in many studies. While it is practical to use attenuated laser pulses for QKD system, it poses many safety issues due to the possibility of multiple photons in the laser pulses. In addition, the key rate is waived to increase the level of security. However, the use of single photon sources is not as easy and practical as using attenuated laser sources. Today, studies of single photon sources to be used for QKD continue. In order for these single photon sources to be used actively, a photon source that operates at room temperature, operates in a wide band-gap range for different areas of use (underwater, optical fiber-based and free space) and can be excited at high speed is required. Since hBN defect centers are a material that can produce single photons at room temperature and have a wide band gap, it seems very ideal for these studies. In this thesis, studies have been carried out on the realization of the protocol, which is a part of QKD, with solid-state materials that produce single photons. In the studies, a key was produced with a faint pulsed laser. Also, data is encrypted using the key of the transmitter. Then the data is successfully decrypted with the key measured by the receiver.

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Quantum communication.

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Ateş, Serkan,
Çakır, Özgür,

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Physics.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Physics.
İzmir Institute of Technology: Physics--Thesis (Master).

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