Virtual acoustic reconstruction of two ancient spaces: Metropolis Ancient Theatre and Eflatun Pınar Open Air Water Sanctuary
Bolat, Senem Deniz, author.

Virtual acoustic reconstruction of two ancient spaces: Metropolis Ancient Theatre and Eflatun Pınar Open Air Water Sanctuary

Bolat, Senem Deniz, author.

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Bolat, Senem Deniz, author.

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xiii, 82 leaves: color illustrations, plans, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.

Physical damage caused by various natural events or incorrect uses causes the original acoustics of historical places to be lost over time. In this context, protecting and maintaining the acoustic heritage of historical places which stand out with their acoustic characteristics becomes a crucial subject. Metropolis Ancient Theatre and Hittite Open Air Water Sanctuary are two historical places where acoustic character is at the forefront. In this study, acoustics of these two spaces in their original state is reconstructed. Firstly, original purpose of use for the Metropolis Ancient Theatre is investigated. In accordance with the original use scenario, a study is conducted in which passive interventions were explored for performances at the orchestra level and on stage in the present state of the theatre. This intervention provides a guidance on how the theatre can be best utilized for the future events suitable to its original use scenario, today. Secondly, acoustics of the Hittite Open Air Water Sanctuary is reconstructed through virtual acoustic simulations. In the Hittite culture, it is well-known that water plays a significant role in everyday life. Through an auralization study, the acoustic environment during religious ceremonies, celebrations and sacrificial rituals is explored. How the constant sounds of flowing water affects perception of musical instruments played around the sanctuary is investigated through the virtual reconstruction of the space. Both of the two case studies are chosen to explore their original acoustics using two different methods which include objective evaluation for Metropolis and subjective evaluation for Eflatun Pınar. Within the scope of virtual acoustic reconstruction studies, the validity of two different methods is aimed to be investigated under a single study. With virtual acoustic reconstructions, experiencing the acoustic memory of historical places becomes possible. With the similar studies in this field, acoustic memory is aimed to be preserved in accordance with its original purpose of use within the scope of acoustic heritage, in a very general sense. Keywords: Virtual Acoustic Reconstruction; Auralization; Acoustic Heritage

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Architectural acoustics

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İlal, Mustafa Emre,

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Architecture.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Architecture
İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture--Thesis (Master).

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