The factors that influence usage of mobile augmented reality application
Yavuz, Merve, author.

The factors that influence usage of mobile augmented reality application

Yavuz, Merve, author.

Yazar Ek Girişi
Yavuz, Merve, author.

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With the increasing use of smart devices, augmented reality (AR) technology has become widespread in mobile devices. As with user interaction technologies, there are factors affecting the use of applications in mobile augmented reality (MAR) applications. In this research study, the factors which affect the use of mobile augmented reality were investigated. Although AR and MAR were generally investigated during the research period, Augment, the application, was used in the survey and interview part of the research study. The interview, which consists of three different parts, and a quantitative experimental study were conducted. 139 variables were obtained from articles and interviews. As a result of the studies, 22 of these variables were selected. In the study, 47 questions were asked to examine the 22 concepts. In the quantitative experimental study, 146 participants answered questions. The survey data was collected by a web based form. As a result of this study, the most important factor that influences usage of MAR application is security and privacy. The following factors are ease of learning, visual quality of the application 3D model, and ease of use. To sum up, it is recommended that designers, and application developers consider these five variables when designing or developing a MAR application. Keywords: Augmented Reality, Mobile Augmented Reality Applications, Design Factors, User experience

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Augmented reality.
Mobile apps -- Design.

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Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Industrial Design.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design.
İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design--Thesis (Master).

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