Removal of dyes and antibiotics by adsorption and photocatalytic degradation using ZN-based composites
Saygı, Gizem, author.

Removal of dyes and antibiotics by adsorption and photocatalytic degradation using ZN-based composites

Saygı, Gizem, author.

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Saygı, Gizem, author.

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In this study, the ZIF-8 was synthesized and immobilized on the clinoptilolite surface (ZIF8@CLN) and doped with Ag nanoparticles, forming the Ag-ZIF8 and AgZIF8@CLN composite materials. The characterization results indicated that the ZIF-8 was well-deposited on the clinoptilolite surface and doped successfully with Ag nanoparticles. The adsorption and photocatalytic activity of these adsorbents/catalysts were evaluated by the removal of the organic pollutants such as dyes and antibiotics. The target dyes were cationic Methylene blue (MB), anionic Methyl orange (MO) and Congo red (CR), and zwitterionic Rhodamine B (RhB). The target antibiotic was tetracycline (TC). The influence of various parameters on removal was investigated using different initial pH, photocatalyst amount, pollutant concentrations and ionic strength. The results showed that ZIF-8 and ZIF-8@CLN are excellent adsorbents. However, the photocatalytic activity of Ag-ZIF8 and especially Ag-ZIF8@CLN composites were much better than ZIF-8 and ZIF-8@CLN for degradation of all dyes. The Ag-ZIF8 and Ag-ZIF8@CLN composite catalysts exhibited more than 90% removal capacity under UV irradiation for 120 min with the dye concentration of 25 mg L-1 at the optimum pHs of each dye. The enhanced adsorption and photocatalytic performance of the composite photocatalysts was attributed to the synergistic effect between the ZIF-8, CLN and Ag. The adsorption data were evaluated by considering adsorption isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamics using target dyes and antibiotics. Proposed photodegradation mechanism of the dyes over Ag-ZIF8@CLN was explained detailed. This work introduced the ZIF-8-based composite photocatalysts with high efficiency, and may provide to prefer these catalysts in photocatalytic field.

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Dyes and dyeing -- Biodegradation

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Çakıcıoğlu Özkan, Seher Fehime,

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Izmir Institute of Technology. Chemical Engineering.

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Thesis (Doctoral)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering.
İzmir Institute of Technology:Chemical Engineering--Thesis (Doctoral).

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