Development of thin film composite nanofiltration membranes with layer by layer polyelectrolyte deposition
Tekinalp, Önder, author.

Development of thin film composite nanofiltration membranes with layer by layer polyelectrolyte deposition

Tekinalp, Önder, author.

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Tekinalp, Önder, author.

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Nanofiltration (NF) membranes are usually prepared in thin film composite (TFC) structure through polymerization of various monomers or coating of previously synthesized polymer on porous support membranes. Layer by layer (LbL) deposition of polyelectrolytes on a porous support is a facile and convenient method for the sake of producing NF membranes. This study intends to manufacture TFC NF membrane via alternating polyelectrolyte deposition with limited number of layers on polysulfone/sulfonated polyethersulfone (PSF/SPES) porous support membrane. Polyethyleneimine (PEI) and alginate (ALG) were chosen as polyelectrolyte pairs. The support membranes with different pore sizes were prepared via nonsolvent induced phase inversion method by changing compositions and thickness of casting solution as well as composition of coagulation bath. The polyelectrolytes were deposited dynamically in a dead end filtration module at 1 bar. The influences of supporting electrolyte, polyelectrolyte pH and concentration as well as type of coating method on the membrane performances were investigated. The membranes were characterized by SEM, AFM, staining, and contact angle measurements. Stability and fouling tendency of produced membranes were determined. It was demonstrated that NF membrane (83% PEG1000 rejection) with a high flux (14 L/ can be manufactured by depositing only a single layer of PEI. Further deposition of ALG on PEI-coated membrane resulted in water permeability of 15.5±0.3 L/ with 89.1±0.6% PEG1000 rejection by adjusting PSF:SPES ratio to 4:1.

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Membrane separation.

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Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide,

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İzmir Institute of Technology. Chemical Engineering.

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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering.
İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering--Thesis (Master).

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