Categorization of manual lighting control behavior patterns based on interior layout in offices için kapak resmi
Categorization of manual lighting control behavior patterns based on interior layout in offices
Cılasun Kunduracı, Arzu, author.
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viii, 179 leaves: color illustraltions.+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
To reduce energy consumption due to lighting, variety of methods such as energy efficient products, daylight and lighting control systems, simulation softwares are being used. However, these methods may fall short of their potential if the end user, occupants, are not taken into consideration. Energy consumption due to lighting can be reduced further by understanding building occupants’ needs and behaviors. In this study, to understand user behavior for lighting, manual lighting control of occupants were examined. This examination compromises physical, temporal and architectural factors which affect manual lighting control behavior. Especially the focus was on interior layout to observe the relation between the architectural parameters and manual lighting control behavior. The goal of the research and experiments of this dissertation was to obtain realistic manual lighting control data in offices. First of all, various parameters including physical, visual, occupancy and architectural were observed and statistically analyzed by the conducted questionnaire, to find the most triggering/inhibiting factors for manual lighting control. Secondly three private offices were equipped to monitor the change in manual lighting control behavior with regards to occupancy, daylight penetration and interior layout. Results used to generate from the fuzzy model which offers more detailed classifications on manual lighting control probabilities. Gathered results showed that interior layout has a significant contribution to manual lighting control. As a result, if architects/lighting designers/researchers utilize the provided classifications of the tested parameters on the future studies, they can reduce energy consumption while increasing user satisfaction.
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Thesis (Doctoral)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Architecture.

İzmir Institute of Technology:Architecture--Thesis (Doctoral).
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