Comparison od side effects of anti-cancer drugs in 2D and 3D and, classical and cell-on-a-chip cultures için kapak resmi
Comparison od side effects of anti-cancer drugs in 2D and 3D and, classical and cell-on-a-chip cultures
Kankale, Deniz, author.
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xiii, 74 leaves: illustrarions, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
The studies that aim to assess the effects of drugs developed against cancer at the cellular level use multiwell plates. However, these classical systems fail to reproduce the in-vivo like microenvironment necessary for realistic assessment. In addition, classical cell culture systems use high amount of materials increasing cost. On the other hand, lab-on-a-chip systems use minimal volumes of reagents and more importantly can mimic the in-vivo microenvironment via spatial and temporal control. Furthermore, it is known that cell response to drugs can be very different in 2D and 3D cell culture setups. Doxorubicin is a widely used anticancer drug. Here, doxorubicin uptake by highly metastatic human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 and normal mammary epithelial cell line MCF10A were investigated using 2D and 3D, classical and cell-on-a-chip cultures. Drug uptake at 24, 48 and 72 hours various concentrations of the drug determined by measuring signal intensities from fluorescence microscopy images of cells. For cell viability assay, cells were stained with dapi and two cell lines were compared in systems. According to results, it was observed that 3D cell culture environment in chip provides more in-vivo like environment with less reagent consumption and cell viability is not correlated only with drug uptake.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Biotechnology and Bioengineering--Thesis (Master).
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