Molecular genetic analysis in opium poppy için kapak resmi
Molecular genetic analysis in opium poppy
Çelik, İbrahim, author.
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As the sole plant source of many potent alkaloids, opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) is an important medicinal crop. Nevertheless, few studies have characterized opium poppy germplasm with crop-specific molecular markers. In this study, recently developed SSR markers were validated for diversity analysis and tested in an opium poppy world collection. The limited diversity of the world collection suggested that other genetic resources such as those from Turkey, a diversity center for the crop, should be explored. Thus, molecular and morphological characterization of Turkish opium poppy germplasm were performed. As a result, Turkish germplasm (11%) was found to have higher diversity than the world collection (5%). Also potentially useful morphological variation was observed for morphine content, plant height, and capsule index. However, the landraces exhibited limited breeding potential for stigma number, and seed and straw yields. Two core sets containing 22 and 21 accessions were selected from the world and Turkish germplasm, respectively, for effective management of collections in seed banks and breeding programs. The primary findings showed that Turkish germplasm is a valuable genetic resource to identify QTLs controlling morphine content and agronomic traits using an association mapping approach. Thus, a total of 164 SSR and 367 AFLP polymorphic loci were applied to an opium poppy association mapping panel composed of 95 opium poppy landraces which were grown for two seasons. One SSR and three AFLP loci were found to be significantly associated with morphine content (P < 0.01 and LD value (r2) = 0.10-0.32) and six SSR and 14 AFLP loci were significantly associated with five agronomic traits (plant height, stigma number, capsule index, seed and straw yield) (P < 0.01 and LD value (r2) = 0.08-0.35). This is the first report of association mapping in this crop. The identified markers provide initial information for marker-assisted selection of important traits in opium poppy.
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Thesis (Doctoral)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Molecular Biology and Genetics.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Molecular Biology and Genetics--Thesis (Doctoral).
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