Efficiency studies of Cu2ZnSnS2 thin film solar cell için kapak resmi
Efficiency studies of Cu2ZnSnS2 thin film solar cell
Meriç, Ece, author
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xii, 91 leaves: color illustrarions, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) is a promising candidate as an absorber layer for thin film solar cells due to not only its low cost but also nontoxic properties contrary to alternative materials such as CdTe and Cu(In,Ge)Se2 (CIGS). Recently, CZTS and similar chalcogenides have attracted remarkable attention because of their suitable properties. In my thesis; I studied the efficiency of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells for various stoichiometric cases. Besides, the effect of back contact, buffer layer thickness and sulfurization time were investigated. CZTS thin films were fabricated by DC magnetron sputtering method on Molybdenum (Mo) coated Soda Lime Glass (SLG) and Ti foil substrates. Cu, Sn, Zn, Cu layers were, respectively, deposited on the substrates, and then sulfurization process was followed as the second step in the growth process to obtain a desirable CZTS formation. The as grown CZTS structure was investigated using Raman and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) spectroscopies. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to investigate the surface morphology of the films. Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) was used to define the chemical structure of the surface of the films. Next, a CdS buffer layer was deposited on CZTS absorber layer using CBD method at 85oC for varying times (60, 75 and 90 min). Then, ZnO and Al doped ZnO (AZO) layers were deposited on CdS. J-V curves were obtained for SLG/Mo/CZTS/CdS/ZnO/AZO solar cell structure. The photovoltaic characteristic of solar cells was studied and their dependence on CdS deposition time were found. Among all the device we produced, the highest efficiency was obtained for the device with the lowest CdS deposition time. In addition; effect of sulfurization time on the solar cell conversion efficiency was studied.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Energy Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Energy Engineering--Thesis (Master).
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