Effect of natural wall materials on energy consumption in continental and mediterranean climates için kapak resmi
Effect of natural wall materials on energy consumption in continental and mediterranean climates
Yöney, Ekin Gamze, author.
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xvii, 133 leaves: color illustrarions, maps, plans, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
Concern on earth and other natural building materials has been increased by rise of energy shortage and environmental problems. Not only the speed, quality and standardization in the production process of natural building materials should be improved, but also energy consumption of buildings constructed with these materials should be on acceptable levels in order to expend their usage. This study investigates the relationship between natural wall materials and energy consumption on two adobe buildings from Continental and Mediterranean climates. Totally 20 different wall options, composed of adobe, vertical hollow brick, limestone, hempcrete and strawbale with 0.30- and 0.50-meter thickness without and with flax thermal insulation material are tested with different combinations of direction and climate. The digital models of case buildings in Continental and Mediterranean climates are created to examine the question of in what climate and which direction a wall material is appropriate for energy efficient design. Consequently, strawbale enables the minimum annual energy consumption both for Mediterranean and Continental climates, while adobe shows better energy performance in summer period of Continental climate. Besides, it is observed that the energy consumption for cooling in case building of Mediterranean climate is 10 times more than of Continental one for whatever material is tested. The quantitative research conducted with different natural wall materials makes it a logical choice in terms of opening the path of industrialization that is supported by the aim of this thesis.
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Thesis(Master)-- İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture--Thesis (Master).
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