Use of biomimicry in industrial design education in Turkey: The case of İzmir universities için kapak resmi
Use of biomimicry in industrial design education in Turkey: The case of İzmir universities
Avcı, Gamze, author.
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xii, 143 leaves: color illustrarions, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
From the viewpoint of industrial design, industrial design education and practice, and designer's responsibility, sustainable design has gained great importance to solve the crisis of sustainability the world has faced today. Besides sustainability, innovation is an important element or task in today’s fast-changing economy. Thinking up new and fresh ideas to develop new products and services is a vital component for companies to stay competitive, provide financial benefits and to remain a successful business. At this point, the concept of biomimicry offers industrial designers a great potential in solving complex human problems by providing sustainable innovation in both their education and professional life. Biomimicry, defined in many different ways, can be considered as a discipline, an approach, a strategy, a method, or a tool. More importantly, biomimicry is applicable. This thesis aims to explore the state of biomimicry in Turkey and the world and to examine the awareness of students and academicians in industrial design education in Turkey. In this context, it first explains how the concept of biomimicry emerged, how it developed, its origins, its methodology, what it means and its relationships with sustainability and innovation. In addition, various examples and studies in the field of education and business regarding biomimicry as a discipline and as a practice have been given. Besides literature review, two surveys have been conducted with 10 industrial design instructors and 50 industrial design students to measure their awareness and to explain specifically how the concept of biomimicry has been conceived and applied in Turkey. Keywords: Biomimicry, biomimetics, learning from nature, inspired by nature, industrial design education
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design--Thesis (Master).
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