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Developing probiotic lozenges to improve oral health için kapak resmi
Developing probiotic lozenges to improve oral health
Developing probiotic lozenges to improve oral health
Elvan, Menşure, author.
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ix, 87 leaves: color illustrarions, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
Recently, there is a great need to overcome complaints about oral health from children, mental and physically handicapped people who are inadequate in oral hygiene and after chemotherapy of cancer patients. With reduced body resistance, opportunistic Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans in the mouth become dominant, causing disruption of oral health. Therefore, the effect of lactic acid bacteria on pathogens was investigated in order to protect oral health with the thesis study. Lactobacillus pentosus NRRL-B 227 was determined among the probiotic bacteria tested for this purpose and its activity on the pathogen Streptoccocus mutans ATCC 25175 and Candida albicans DSMZ 5817 was found in broth microdilution, agar overlay and planktonic culture assays except disc diffusion test. To reduce the number of pathogens in oral microflora, lozenges containing L. pentosus were developed. Three different lozenges with encapsulated and free bacteria and control lozenge were produced, kept at different temperatures; 4⁰C and 25⁰C. No significant decrease in viability of the encapsulated probiotic strain after lozenge production and storage at 4°C was observed, the probiotic amount in the lozenge initially counted as 7.84 log CFU/g, while 7.73 log CFU/g at the end of 3 months shelf life. However, lozenges stored at 25⁰C probiotics lost their vitality after one month. Additionally, lozenges containing free bacteria have lost viability rapidly. Color and water activity were observed differently in the formulations (p <0.05). The formulations maintained their microbiological safety during storage. Lozenge with L. pentosus NRRL-B 227 has a significant potential for improving oral health and provides an alternative to the diversification of products containing probiotics.
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Thesis(Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Food Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Food Engineering--Thesis (Master).
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