Traces of migration: Three spatial reflection pf population exchange in aegean region için kapak resmi
Traces of migration: Three spatial reflection pf population exchange in aegean region
Türkmenoğlu, Beste, author.
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x, 103 leaves: color illustrarions, maps, plans;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
This academic study focuses on the spatial traces in the three villages in Aegean region, namely, Denizli/Honaz, Aydın/Mursallı, and Izmir/Küçükbahçe. These physical modifications done to the pre-existing buildings by their new users who arrived during the migratory movements stemmed from the developments of Population Exchange as agreed upon in the Lausanne Peace Treaty in 1923. This thesis is aiming to record the effects of spaces, memories, and spatial traces in these three settlements in the Aegean Region referring to the migration. The purpose of thesis is to examine, understand and discuss the effects of migration and population exchanges while considering the spatiality and the architecture influenced by these phenomena, today. Besides, inhabiting the politics of administration for replacement of migrants and the people who directly come due to those mandatory exchange regulations between Turks and Greeks communities are tried to be examined. Social and spatial conditions caused by forced migration are explained. A local and particular link is established between this social conditions and spatiality. Temporary and permanent accommodation methods are explored and examined for immigrants arriving due to the forced migration. The remaining structures serve as a helpful tool for the immigrants to reconstruct their identity and belonging that they have left behind. The relationship between the reproduction of space and culture is investigated and it is associated and analysed with remaining spatial traces. With the support of the previous academic studies, this research aims to determine these traces from past that remains into the present at the local level in three specific settlements. This modest investigation is supported and enhanced with the interviews with few remaining local witnesses.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture--Thesis (Master).
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