A study on social sustainability in urban green spaces: The case of İnciraltı city forest için kapak resmi
A study on social sustainability in urban green spaces: The case of İnciraltı city forest
Hacıoğlu, Gülbiye, author.
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xi, 106 leaves: color illustrarions, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
The future is one of the fundamental concerns of humanity. In these days, where the main purpose is to ensure the continuity of life, the concept of sustainability comes to the fore in order to ensure this continuity. Although the concept of sustainability has equal dimensions as "economic, environmental and social", sustainability in society is generally highlighted with its environmental and economic dimensions. The social dimension of sustainability has attracted attention due to the increasing social problems in society. This thesis aims to determine the role of urban green spaces in achieving social sustainability. Urban green spaces, which are the most easily accessible public spaces, have been selected to research social sustainability because the reflections of social problems in society can easily be seen in these spaces. Within the scope of this thesis, firstly, a literature review was made to understand the position of social sustainability in the concept of sustainability. After exploring different social sustainability approaches, a framework consisting of social sustainability dimensions was determined to ensure the assessment of social sustainability. Then, the development process of urban green spaces as public spaces was investigated, and the relationship between urban green spaces and key social sustainability dimensions were examined. After the theoretical framework, İnciraltı City Forest was studied as a case study. In the case study, the social sustainability dimensions in the area were evaluated with a questionnaire study. This thesis shows that urban green spaces support key dimensions such as sense of belonging, equality and human rights which are necessary for achieving social sustainability. Keywords: Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Public Space, Urban Green Spaces
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture--Thesis (Master).
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