Stacking sequences optimization of laminated composites for maximum buckling strength by stochastic search methods için kapak resmi
Stacking sequences optimization of laminated composites for maximum buckling strength by stochastic search methods
Adabaşı, Gökay, author.
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x, 76 leaves: charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
Based on materials developed and made available by humans, there are materials that will serve their purpose. Using lighter materials, especially in the field of aviation and space, significantly reduces the costs. However, lightness is not the only feature required in materials. In addition, the physical and mechanical properties of the materials must be at the desired level. Knowing the buckling load capacity of composite materials, which are widely used, is also very important in determining the material properties. Accordingly, an important focus of this thesis is to examine the behavior of different materials against the same loading; the other is to examine the increase in the critical buckling load factor although they have the same geometric structure. Critical buckling load factor is considered when performing the buckling analysis. The mechanical behavior of composite materials used by considering the factors of critical buckling load factor has been investigated and discussed. Different optimization methods have been used while making the optimum design of different composite materials with 48 and 64 layers in total. The verification of mechanical properties of materials was made with the help of coding. Subsequently, the referenced articles were verified to prove the accuracy of this code. Optimization was carried out by using material properties information from reference articles and verifying the code. As a result, considering the buckling strength of different layered composite materials, it has been found that the optimum designs depend on the load, load ratio, and plate aspect ratio.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Mechanical Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Mechanical Engineering --Thesis (Master).
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