Modelling rainfall-runoff processes in Kabul river basin using arcswat model için kapak resmi
Modelling rainfall-runoff processes in Kabul river basin using arcswat model
Tanı, Hamidullah, author.
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xi, 123 leaves: maps, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
SWAT model is applied to Kabul River Basin (KRB) located in Afghanistan to assess the runoff. KRB is located between latitudes 33 ゚N and 37 ゚ N, and longitudes 67 ゚E and 74 ゚E, with a drainage area of 72000 km2. This study (1) determines the most sensitive parameters that affect the catchment flow, (2) estimates monthly and daily flows of the basin from the available meteorological stations data, (3) calibrates and validates the simulated and observed flow data for different hydrological stations located in the basin, and (4) determines the total amount of surface runoff and water yield in the basin. SWAT-CUP is applied for the sensitivity analysis. Initially 27 different sensitive parameters effecting the runoff are tasted and 20 most sensitive ones are found. Among these, (Treshold depth of water in the shallow aquifer required for return flow to occur ), SMTMP.bsn (Snow melt base temperature), CN2.mgt (SCS runoff curve number II), PLAPS.sub (Precipitation lapse rate), and HRU_SLP.hru (Average slope steepness) are found to be the most sensitive parameters. The predicted flow is calibrated and validated against the measured flow for seven different Hydrological Stations both on a monthly and daily time scales. The performance of the model is checked by applying R2, NSE, and the RSR. Overall, the model's monthly simulation flow is superior to the daily simulation. Keywords: Rainfall-Runoff modelling, SWAT model, SWAT-CUP, Kabul River Basin
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Civil Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Civil Engineering--Thesis (Master).
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