Conservation aimed evaluation of the bath ruin in Gülbahçe, Urla, İzmir için kapak resmi
Conservation aimed evaluation of the bath ruin in Gülbahçe, Urla, İzmir
Çağlıyurt, Aslı, author.
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xii, 153 leaves: color illustrations, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
This study takes into consideration a historic geothermal spring bath house on the coast of Gülbahçe bay in Urla, İzmir. The aim is to identify its cultural asset values and architectural conservation problems. Gülbahçe thermal spring bath house is a historic monument that has preserved its bathing function for health purpose. It is part of the geothermal spring bath group in Urla-Seferihisar region, which is famous with its geothermal sources. The modest structure has preserved its authentic characteristics such as rubbles tone masonry walls exposed without plastering and dimly lighted bathing space circumscribing a pool. Its rubble stone and cement mortar vault reflect the repair attitude of the early Republican era. The monument integrates with its natural setting in between a Mediterranean coated mount and the coast. So, the methodology includes tachometric documentation of the bath house, its visual analysis, historical research and archive research, identification of similar bath houses in Urla-Seferihisar region, comparative study with these similar bath houses, evaluation of the cultural asset values and conservation problems, and proposal for restoration of the bath represents the thermal bathing tradition in the geothermal region of Urla-Seferihisar together with the other baths in Cumalı, Karakoç, Kelalan and Ilıksu. Being positioned within the campus area of İzmir Institute of Technology gives privilege to the monument in terms of its restoration possibility. It will be first scientifically restored thermal spring bath house in its region. As a result, this study carries importance in terms of understanding of the Gülbahçe geothermal spring bath house, and illuminate the way for future studies on vernacular Anatolian bath houses.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Architectural Restoration

İzmir Institute of Technology:Architectural Restoration--Thesis (Master).
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