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Properties of lime binders and aggregates of roman mortars in western anatolia için kapak resmi
Properties of lime binders and aggregates of roman mortars in western anatolia
Properties of lime binders and aggregates of roman mortars in western anatolia
Taşcı, Burcu, author.
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xiii, 198 leaves: color illustrations, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
In this study, the characteristics of Roman lime mortars taken from a wide area in Western Anatolia were determined in order to understand whether there was a common production technology of lime mortar in the Roman Empire by making a comparison between Europe and Western Anatolia. For this purpose, opus caementicium and opus signinum mortars were collected from twenty-six archaeological sites in Western Anatolia. Basic physical properties, raw material compositions, mineralogical and chemical compositions, mechanical, microstructural, and hydraulic properties of mortars, pozzolanicity and geochemical characteristics of aggregates were identified by SEM-EDS, MIP, XRD, TGA, FTIR analyses, and point load tests. Results showed Roman lime mortars were compact, low dense, and high porous materials. Opus caementicium mortars were grayish with the use of crushed stones, however opus signinum mortars were light brownish due to the use of crushed bricks/tiles. Opus caementicium mortars were used in various types of structures, while opus signinum mortars were generally used in water-related structures. Lime/aggregate ratios of mortars varied between 1:4-3:2 parallel to ideal lime/aggregate written in Roman sources. Despite using high calcium lime in the production of mortars, the compressive strengths of mortars were found compatible with NHL3.5 type of lime due to the use of pozzolanic aggregates which were produced from rhyolite and dacite (silicic rocks). These results indicated that the properties of Roman lime mortars were similar in Western Anatolia and other regions of the Roman Empire. This finding can be evidence of common lime mortar technology produced using similar local sources throughout the Roman Empire.
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Thesis (Doctoral)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Architectural Restoration.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Architectural Restoration--Thesis (Doctoral).
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