Global diffusion of green building certification systems (GBCS): A lead and lag markets model için kapak resmi
Global diffusion of green building certification systems (GBCS): A lead and lag markets model
Kaya, Yusuf Furkan, author.
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x, 86 leaves: maps, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
Global crises in our planet's sustainability emerged in recent history. Hence, the construction industry, which has the largest share in this situation, have witnessed the accelerated proliferation in the number of Green Building Certification (GBC) systems (such as LEED, BREEAM and Green Star) in the last two decades. GBC systems have received massive attentiveness from academics from numerous disciplines as a reasonable response to its accelerated proliferation. The general concepts described in preceding research endeavours on GBC systems comprise (1) evaluation benchmarks used in rating and weighting, (2) incentives and handicaps for acquiring a GBC system, (3) efficacy of a GBC system, (4) comparison of numerous GBC systems, and (5) systematic reviews of the research and studies. The research presented herein pays particular attention to a relatively disregarded research area on GBC systems: global diffusion behaviours. It conceptualises a GBC system as a product rating service provided in certain nations and employs the Mixed Influence Model to investigate this certification service's cross-national diffusion behaviours. Initially, this model was used to investigate population growth. Thereafter, its application has been widened to explore the diffusion of industrial systems such as goods, services, and innovations. The Mixed Influence model was constructed incorporating data from one of the oldest GBC systems, LEED. The results of the Mixed Influence model reveal the cross-national diffusion behaviours of the GBC systems.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Architecture.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture --Thesis (Master).
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