A study on early decryption mechanism at veriflable delay functions için kapak resmi
A study on early decryption mechanism at veriflable delay functions
Özdemir, Oğulcan, author.
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vii, 63 leaves: 1 computer laser optical disc.
In computer science, can we measure the passage of time in accordance with Earth time and use this measurement mechanism as a time lock to decrypt encrypted data? The search for answers to these questions has not yet been given a definite, straightforward answer. Because there is no fixed definition of time in computer science. Research on the use and measurement of "time-locked cryptography" in computer science is based on the research of Time-Lock Puzzles and Timed-Release Crypto by Rivest et al. In 2017, two studies were published that accelerated development in this area: Simple Verifiable Delay Functions and Efficient Verifiable Delay Functions. In both studies, timing requirements are defined as Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF). However, current VDF solutions do not have a controlled early decryption feature for time locking mechanism. The contributions we intend to make to the VDF protocol in this study focus on the design, verification, and implementation of a new VDF protocol that both guarantees the time lock mechanism requirements defined by VDF and provides the ability to open the time lock in a controlled manner by authorised individuals before the target time. VDF solution to be developed, unlike similar VDF protocols, should also include the blockchain Ethereum component and work flexibly with any of the defined VDF time lock algorithms, depending on which one is chosen.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Computer Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Energy Engineering --Thesis (Master).
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