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Exactly solvable quantum parametric oscillators in higher dimensions için kapak resmi
Exactly solvable quantum parametric oscillators in higher dimensions
Exactly solvable quantum parametric oscillators in higher dimensions
Çayiç, Zehra, author.
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x, 165 leaves: charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
The purpose of this thesis is to study the dynamics of the generalized quantum parametric oscillators in one and higher dimensions and present exactly solvable models. First, time-evolution of the nonclassical states for a one-dimensional quantum parametric oscillator corresponding to the most general quadratic Hamiltonian is found explicitly, and the squeezing properties of the wave packets are analyzed. Then, initial boundary value problems for the generalized quantum parametric oscillator with Dirichlet and Robin boundary conditions imposed at a moving boundary are introduced. Solutions corresponding to different types of initial data and homogeneous boundary conditions are found to examine the influence of the moving boundaries. Besides, an N-dimensional generalized quantum harmonic oscillator with time-dependent parameters is considered and its solution is obtained by using the evolution operator method. Exactly solvable quantum models are introduced and for each model, the squeezing and displacement properties of the time-evolved coherent states are studied. Finally, time-dependent Schrödinger equation describing a generalized two-dimensional quantum coupled parametric oscillator in the presence of time-variable external fields is solved using the evolution operator method. The propagator and time-evolution of eigenstates and coherent states are derived explicitly in terms of solutions to the corresponding system of coupled classical equations of motion. In addition, a Cauchy-Euler type quantum oscillator with increasing mass and decreasing frequency in time-dependent magnetic and electric fields is introduced. Based on the explicit results, squeezing properties of the wave packets and their trajectories in the two-dimensional configuration space are discussed according to the influence of the time-variable parameters and external fields.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Mathematics.

İzmir Institute of Technology:Mathematics--Thesis (Master).
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