Development of innovative polymeric membranes using green approaches for water and energy sustainability için kapak resmi
Development of innovative polymeric membranes using green approaches for water and energy sustainability
Güngörmüş Deliismail, Elif, author.
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xv, 153 leaves: charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
In this thesis, innovative polymeric membranes with fast, simple, and easily scalable manufacturing procedures were developed to demonstrate the potential of membrane technology in making chemical processes more sustainable. In this scope, firstly, it was focused on minimizing the adverse chemical, environmental, and economic effects of conventional drying processes by integrating membrane technology into the production of nano/microparticles. Acid-resistant polyaniline based ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and solvent-resistant poly (ether imide sulfone) based UF membrane were developed to produce aluminum sulfate powder and silica powder, respectively. The developed high-performance and antifouling membranes made the production of powders more sustainable and environmentally friendly by enabling the recovery of the acid/solvent used in the synthesis and the reduction of energy consumption for drying. The third part of the thesis focused on biodiesel production with a high-performance, antifouling, alumina-calcium oxide catalyst-modified polyethersulfone UF membrane. Combining membrane technology with reaction engineering allowed for the elimination of the catalyst recovery step, shortened the reaction time to reach a desirable yield, and reduced energy consumption, resulting in more sustainable biodiesel production than existing production techniques. In the last part of the thesis, a high-performance, antibiofouling/antibacterial citric acid doped polyaniline based UF membrane was developed. Ensuring sustainability improvement in membrane production in all applications was the main objective of this thesis. By reducing the number of steps in membrane production, the amount of wastewater generated, and toxic waste released during membrane production was minimized, and energy consumption was significantly reduced.
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Thesis (Doctoral)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Chemical Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering --Thesis (Doctoral).
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