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An investigation of performance indicators for stage acoustics in music halls için kapak resmi
An investigation of performance indicators for stage acoustics in music halls
An investigation of performance indicators for stage acoustics in music halls
Kuşcu, Duygu, author.
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ix, 72 leaves: color illustrations,charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
t is vital for concert halls to provide suitable acoustic conditions, as they provide the physical environment in which the communication between musicians and the audience is established. Although the acoustic conditions in these halls have been studied in detail for audiences, relatively little is known about the conditions under which musicians perform on stage and how they perceive acoustics. This thesis research investigates how the acoustics of the hall in which they perform are perceived by the musicians and how the objective data obtained through measurements carried out on stage matches the evaluations of the musicians through quantitative methods. Acoustic measurements were carried out in the Main Hall of the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center Izmir. Evaluations by the orchestra musicians about their own home stage were collected through questionnaires using a 10-point semantic differential scale for subjective acoustic parameters. A total of 33 musicians who regularly perform on this stage participated in the study as respondents. Compatibility between subjective data obtained from opinions and objective data obtained from measurements were compared. The main objective of this investigation was to scrutinize the tools and parameters that are recommended for acoustic design of concert hall stages, and provide further data for studies into understanding musicians’ preferences and objective parameters that are being developed to reflect them. The correlations among subjective parameters on stage acoustics, were examined. Overall Acoustic Impression was found to be highly correlated with Hearing Others (0.833) and Support (0.753). This was supported by the objective measurements where STearly values were in a highly favorable range with a mean of -13.7 dB for this stage that is generally deemed to have good acoustics by musicians. The objective and subjective support parameters were found to be useful indicators within the limited context of Ahmet Adnan Saygun Arts Center Main Hall. Keywords: Stage Acoustics, Music Halls, Questionnaire, Symphony Orchestra, Musicians, Measurements, Correlation,
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Architecture.

İzmir Institute of Technology:Architecture --Thesis (Master).
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