Co-Ni separation in IX-SX circuit için kapak resmi
Co-Ni separation in IX-SX circuit
Co-Ni separation in IX-SX circuit
Ceyhan, Ayşe Merve, author.
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xv, 90 leaves: illustrarions, charts; 29 cm + 1 computer laser optical disc.
Eti Gübre stands out as the sole facility capable of reclaiming multiple metals from chalcopyrite flotation tails in Turkey. While the overall performance of the process has been deemed satisfactory, the cobalt and nickel products have yet to meet commodity standards. The objective of this project is to ascertain the feasibility of using a series of hydrometallurgical techniques, namely, solvent extraction and ion exchange resin technologies, for attaining premium-quality cobalt and nickel products from a compound comprising cobalt, nickel, and other assorted elements. Extracting cobalt and nickel selectively from impurities, reaching over 95% recovery in a solution containing various elements and steep concentration differences, presents a considerable challenge. Moreover, accomplishing this within an already operational process adds another layer of complexity, demanding alignment with the existing process's stability. The strategy involved selectively separating and refining cobalt and nickel from the sulfate solution through solvent extraction (SX) methods and employing the Ion Exchange (IX) method for further purification.
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Thesis (Master)-- İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering

İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering (Master).
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