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Developing epitaxial graphene electrodes for silicon carbide based optoelectronic devices için kapak resmi
Developing epitaxial graphene electrodes for silicon carbide based optoelectronic devices
Kuşdemir, Erdi, author.
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xii, 54 leaves: color illustraltions.+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
In this thesis work, I studied the fabrication and characterization of graphene-semiconductor-graphene ultraviolet photodetector based on the rectifying character of Schottky junction at the interface between epitaxial graphene and silicon carbide semiconductor. As-grown single layer epitaxial graphene is interdigitated as transparent conductive electrode to probe photo-generated charge carriers in a semi-insulating 4H-silicon carbide substrate. The fabricated device exhibits the typical current-voltage characteristics of a conventional metal-semiconductor-metal type photodetector with low leakage current. Time-resolved photocurrent measurements suggest an excellent photocurrent reversibility and high response speed of the device. The measurements performed for different illumination wavelengths showed that the sample reveals higher responsivity values when it is exposed to the light with 254 nm wavelength. The obtained results imply that epitaxial graphene can be used readily as transparent conductive electrode for SiC based optoelectronic device applications. Finally, in the last chapter, I discuss how the photoresponsivity of the graphene-semiconductor-graphene photodetector can be enhanced by CdTe/CdS quantum dots. The drop casted CdTe/CdS quantum dots have been shown to increase the photoconductivity of the device. The thickness of the quantum dots is found to effect the enhancement factor of the photoresponsivity of the device.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Materials Science and Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Materials Science and Engineering--Thesis (Master).
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Access to Electronic Versiyon.


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Tez T001410 TA455.G65 K97 2015

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