Enhancement of thermal, electrical and optical properties of zinc oxide filled polymer matrix nano composites için kapak resmi
Enhancement of thermal, electrical and optical properties of zinc oxide filled polymer matrix nano composites
Özmıhçı Ömürlü, Filiz.
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[s.l.]: [s.n.], 2009.
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xvii, 191 leaves.: ill. + 1 computer laser optical disc.
The purpose of this study is to enhance the electrical, thermal and optical properties of polyethylene and polypropylene by the addition of zinc oxide (ZnO) filler.Embedding ZnO in a polymeric matrix could make an economic, weight saving, chemically resistive, optical, flexible and conductive materials which possesses the properties of zinc oxide.Composites with higher electrical and thermal conductivity having luminescence properties were prepared using commercial and hydrothermally synthesized ZnO powders with different particle size and conductivity. Effect of ZnO loading and surface treatment on composite properties was investigated. Luminescence effects in green and blue regions were detected in all powders due to the defects on the structure of ZnO.The powders were found to be moderately conductive materials, as well. Un-homogenously dispersed composites were prepared using rheomixer since especially nano powders tended to be agglomerated in the composite. On the other hand, different surface properties of powder and polymer caused adhesion and wetting problems. Microvoids were detected in the interphase, as well.Composites can be used as an electrostatic dissipation and moderate electrical conductive applications in the field of electrical conductivity, as a heat sink in the field of thermal conductivity and as a solid state lamp due to luminescence properties. Stiffness of the composites was very high compared to neat polymer and can be properly used as an engineering material.
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Thesis (Doctoral)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Chemical Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology:Chemical Engineering--Thesis (Doctoral).
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