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Rheological, textural, physico-chemical and sensory properties of low sugar apple marmalade için kapak resmi
Rheological, textural, physico-chemical and sensory properties of low sugar apple marmalade
Şirin, Pınar, author.
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xvii, 140 leaves: charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
Homemade low-sugar apple marmalade formulations were developed by partial replacement of sucrose with sweeteners such as stevioside and sucralose (25%, 50%) without using commercial pectin and chemical preservative additives. The objectives of this study were to formulate and optimize the composition of ingredients for the best quality low sugar marmalade production, to determine the rheological, textural and physicochemical properties and overall acceptability of formulated marmalades. The concentration of sweeteners was found to have a significant effect on the physicochemical and rheological properties of the formulations. The hardness of the sweetener added marmalades decreased due to the reduction of total soluble solids (TSS). The marmalade samples had pseudo-plastic behavior exhibiting yield stress. Yield stress of the marmalade increased with increasing TSS content upon increasing sweeteners concentration. Herschel–Bulkley model was found to be the best model describing the time-independent rheological behavior of formulated marmalade samples. The consistency index decreased with raising the sweeteners substitution, whereas the flow behavior index showed increasing trend with the increase of the sweeteners content. From the sensory point of view, low sugar marmalades made by substituting 50% of the sugar content with stevioside have been shown to be as acceptable as marmalade containing only 500g of sucrose.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Food Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Food Engineering--Thesis (Master).
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