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The impact of civil initiative attempts in architectural practice için kapak resmi
The impact of civil initiative attempts in architectural practice
Öztaş, Nazmiye, author
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xiii, 140 leaves: color illustraltions.+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
This study primarily examines the impact of civil initiative attempts in architectural practice. As one of the key actors of social movements, the study focuses on civil initiatives and the alternative spatial practices of these civil initiatives. In addition to this, a comparison will be made between the collective experiences of today's civil initiative and the collective experiences of past and present social movements, and the similarities and differences between them will be revealed in this study. Within the scope of this thesis, firstly theoretical studies in this field are discussed and after then a case study which examines the civil initiatives and their alternative spatial practices is carried out through the six-selected art & design examples in Turkey. In the case study, analysis is carried through the six determined points of concern as; "motto and slogans", "motivation and goals", "actor and actor groups", "organizational structures", "action models" and "design approaches". During the data collection process of the case study, in-depth interviews have been conducted with these six collectives and open-ended questions are asked. The written transcripts obtained from these interviews are analyzed with the content analysis method. In brief, this study explores the potentials of the spatial practices and spatial design processes of the civil initiatives and their contributions into the main-stream architectural practice. Keywords: Social Movements, Civil Initiative, Alternative Spatial Practices, Art & Design Collectives, Architectural Practice.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Architecture--Thesis (Master).
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Tez T001721 NA1995 .O99 2017

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