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Exploring adoption of smart glasses: Applications in medical industry için kapak resmi
Exploring adoption of smart glasses: Applications in medical industry
Exploring adoption of smart glasses: Applications in medical industry
Göken, Müge, author
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This research is a study exploring the utilization of smart glasses by physicians and their adoption to these products in medical industry. Although different smart glasses were examined in the process by literature review, in whole work, M100 was used as a physical product. In this research study, three research methods were preferred. These are semi-structured in-depth interview, expert focus group work and experimental study. 95 constructs were extracted from literature review and interviews by physicians. 15 most significant constructs were selected by physicians in the expert focus group work. At the end, 75 physicians answered a survey related with 30 constructs. These constructs include the most significant design inputs of smart glasses for the expert group. The survey included approximately 50 questions. According to survey, screen ergonomic was the most preferred design input of smart glasses for physicians. The other four significant design inputs are technical support, privacy, adjustability and ease of monitoring medical data in order. To sum up, this study states that designers of smart glasses should consider these five significant design factors at the first stage of smart glasses product development. Keywords: Smart Glasses, Medical Applications, Design Factors, Product Development, Innovation Adoption
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design

İzmir Institute of Technology: Industrial Design--Thesis (Master).
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