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Development of different koruk (Unripe grape) products by using several processing techniques için kapak resmi
Development of different koruk (Unripe grape) products by using several processing techniques
Kaya, Zehra, author.
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xxiii, 266 leaves: illustrarions, charts;+ 1 computer laser optical disc.
Verjuice, obtained by pressing unripe grapes, is mostly used as an alternative to lemon juice and vinegar in salads and traditional meals due to its unique sour taste and flavour. It has a short shelf life due to growth of yeasts and molds when produced at household conditions. Verjuice products in the market are not meeting desirable quality characteristics. The high quality verjuice and its derivatives required to be produced by considering several processing techniques. The objectives of this Ph.D. thesis are to (i) produce long shelf life verjuice with minimum change in its “fresh like” properties by using the combination of UV-C irradiation or Pulsed-UV light (PUV) with mild heating, (ii) produce verjuice powder with a good storage stability by using freeze drying, (iii) produce concentrated verjuice with minimal quality loss by using vacuum evaporation. Verjuice was successfully pasteurized without loosing its desirable quality by a combined UV-C and mild heating (78.0 mJ/mL, 6.2 min, 51.2°C) and PUV assisted with mild heating (6.12 J/cm2, 8.5 min, 47°C) and mild thermal (72°C, 18 s) treatments. 5-log reduction of target S. cerevisiae (NRRL Y-139) was aimed for the pasteurization of verjuice. No microorganism was developed in pasteurized verjuice during 12 and 6 weeks of refrigerated storage after UV+MH and PUV+MH treatments, respectively. Freezedried verjuice powder containing maltodextrin (FD 48h, 20% MD), was highly stable under the accelerated storage conditions (40°C, 90%RH) for 70 days. Concentrated verjuice obtained under vacuum conditions of 45°C/913 mbar, showed minimal quality change and was consumable up to 12 weeks at refrigerated storage.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology: Food Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Food Engineering--Thesis (Master).
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