Design of advanced process control system for delayed cocer unit için kapak resmi
Design of advanced process control system for delayed cocer unit
Design of advanced process control system for delayed cocer unit
Zihinli, İrem, author.
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xii, 89 leaves: illustrarions, charts; 29 cm + 1 computer laser optical disc.
It is essential for refineries to optimize the upgrading vacuum residue (VR) processes due to reducing of conventional light crude oil resources and increasing of fuel global demands. Delayed coking is a thermal cracking process used in refineries to upgrade and convert vacuum residuum into liquid and gas product streams including Light Coker Gas Oil (LCGO), Heavy Coker Gas Oil (HCGO), Sour Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Sour Coker Product Gas, Stabilized Naphtha and Petroleum Coke as a solid concentrated carbon material. Delayed coking is a semi-batch process where one or more pairs of coke drums are used for the thermal cracking and coking process. Simultaneously in each pair of coke drums, the feed stream is switched between two drums and one drum is online for the coking process while the other drum is offline undergoing decoking. The switching of the coke drums severely destabilizes the operation of the main fractionator and downstream process units. Applying advanced control concepts minimizes the disturbances and improves product quality and unit stability. Delayed coking is one of the most difficult refinery units to operate and control due to disturbances. Industrial chemical processes must operate at maximum efficiency and one of the ways to save energy and still obtain high quality product by using Advanced Process Control (APC) systems. The objective of thesis is to design an advanced process control system for main fractionator column of the delayed coker unit using Honeywell RMPCT. The aim of the APC is to decrease standard deviation of LCGO Final Boiling Point (FBP) quality in main fractionator column during steady state operation. The methods used in this thesis are the determination of the controller matrix and the application of pre-step and main tests to obtain process models for the advanced process control. According to obtained results, standard deviation for the LCGO FBP quality results are compared before and after APC implementation. It is shown that when the APC is turned on, the standard deviation of the LCGO product FBP quality is decreased by 3 °C
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Thesis (Master)-- İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering

İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering (Master).
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