Development of peg-peptide conjugate based curcumin delivery systems için kapak resmi
Development of peg-peptide conjugate based curcumin delivery systems
Development of peg-peptide conjugate based curcumin delivery systems
Aydoğan, Gamze, author.
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In this study, a drug delivery system based on Pluronic F127 and a peptide conjugate was proposed. The F127-peptide conjugate was prepared by the reaction between succinimidyl functionalized F127 (SC-F127) and peptide. SC-F127 was synthesized using disuccinimidyl carbonate and DMAP. Folic acid-functionalized F127 (FA-F127) was also prepared to obtain active targeting copolymers. Four peptides containing pH-responsive multiple histidines and endosome disruptive GFWFG domain were synthesized using the Fmoc procedure. H-Gly-2-ClTrt resin and Rink amide MBHA resin were used to synthesize side-chain-protected and deprotected peptides, respectively. 2-chlorotrityl resin failed in synthesizing the high-purity peptides with adjacent histidines in their sequences. Peptide-4 having a sequence of GGH6GFWFG, was prepared with acceptable purity using rink amide MBHA resin and was conjugated to SC-F127. Curcumin was loaded to F127 and F127-peptide using the thin film method with DCM solvent. Almost all curcumin was encapsulated into F127 micelles. However, the entrapment efficiency % of the F127-peptide micelles was ~86% due to the lower solubility of F127-peptide conjugate in DCM. Dynamic light scattering experiments were used to determine the stability and size distribution of the micelles. Number-based size distributions of both micelles indicated that a single peak between 10 and 30 nm was independent of pH. The peak position did not change upon incubating the micelles at 37oC up to a few days. Initially, intensity-based results of both samples indicate bidisperse populations at pH 5.0 and 7.4. Curcumin-loaded F127 micelles aggregated in the three days, as revealed by the formation of the third peak above 1000 nm independent of pH. Curcumin-loaded F127-peptide micelles, on the other hand, retain their stability for up to five days at neutral pH. For this sample, the third peak was observed only at pH 5.0 on days 2 and 5.
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Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology:Chemical Engineering.

İzmir Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering --Thesis (Master).
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